about the girl who cooks the claypot chicken rice

Obviously the girl is yours truly.

I just realised I didn’t have a proper introduction of myself here (and that is, rude), I will do a brief one.


I do not have great picture to post here, so I might as well do my best to describe how I look.

I am perhaps 95% Chinese and 5% Siamese. Hence I am slightly more tanned than the usual Malaysian Chinese but fairer than the Malays. I am not tall. I am considered ‘thin’ in the eyes of many even though I know where exactly my invisible fat is. I have short fingers. I have small Egyptian feet.

I am left-handed, but I still type with both hands.

I am a big fan of Jesus Christ. Although He doesn’t seem to have a blog or Facebook or Youtube, I look for Him in the Bible. Prayer is the 24/7 hotline I use to reach Him.

I love writing since young, hence this is where I share any interesting stuff or observation I come across. So watch this space!


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