You Don’t Have to See Clearly All the Time

I just did a test on my vision, and the result was my vision is good enough that I don’t need a pair of spectacles. When the optometrist told me the result, it didn’t seem to be something I should be happy about or proud of. I supposed it was because I got to do the test for free and she couldn’t get me to buy anything from the shop. I petted both of my eyes, and I told them ‘good job, buddies!’, and walked away from the shop. I have always thought wearing spectacles was such a chore and people with shortsightedness would need to wear it almost all the time unless they choose to wear contact lens, until my dear shortsighted friend Mia told me that is not always the case.

I asked her, wouldn’t she need spectacles to see clearly? How could she see clearly if without the spectacles? She told me, ‘you don’t have to see clearly all the time.’

Then, she removed her spectacles, and she said to me, ‘see, you look flawless now!’

Who needs Photoshop when you have blurry vision?

Some times, we really don’t have to see clearly. Tiny flaw, be it yours or others, will be diminished if we remove our spectacles just for a little while, and appreciate that even without perfect vision, we are still good, we are still blessed.


If your heart is set to look for beautiful things, your eyes will find them.



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