Life is a Roller Coaster

Ta-da! I am back! After another long hiatus, I am back from that space to this space.

And I am glad to announce that I am still very alive and kicking!

Life has been a roller coaster, and I hate roller coaster to be honest. To the extent I yelled to God, why all these happening to me? And until now, I still don’t know whether I will be changed to another more relaxing track.

Oh well, what to do? When life is a roller coaster, you got to wish it goes really fast so that you won’t be hung upside down halfway on the track. That will be scary.

And, you got to scream and scream and scream and get rid of all frustrations! Maybe someday you will learn how to enjoy the ride.

I should be old enough to know that, not many could get the chance to ride on a free roller coaster for so long. Many are kicked out half the journey. 

Maybe only the brave ones are allowed to take the ride. I would like to think so honestly.

Sunset view from my roller coaster, I mean my office.

Before the ride ends, enjoy every bit of the sunset. I suppose that is God’s reward to every soul who has worked hard enough to enjoy His grace. 


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