Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate: My Recent Read


I have got another book to share. It is a very old book. My friend lent this book to me ages ago, and she said ‘this is the female version of Morrie’. You know, the Morrie from Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie. Of course I wasn’t very motivated to read, because I am a very sentimental and melancholic reader, I tend to be very involved with the characters of the book, and then I will be emotionally affected.

‘It is a gift to be able to feel so deeply.’ An NLP therapist told me, ‘it is tiring, but it is a gift.’

‘Nah, can I feel less? I don’t like being like this.’ That was me telling her. And she told me, ‘you got to accept who you are.’ 

So I accept who I am, and knowing that, I always pace my reading. Mushy story like this I will tend to put it on hold, until I am emotionally ready. 

And to be ready for this book, it took me 3 years (I think, or more than that?)

There is a certain charm about the old paperback book

The story is about a young mother who went back to her grandma’s house because the grandma was incapable of living on her own. Not physically, but mentally. However the young mother discovered a lot of life lessons from the grandmother.

To me, the story is very feminine, gentle and warm. It is as if a mother is telling a story. I am sure a lot of women, especially women with family of their own can relate to the story – the struggles and challenges in life. You know, one of those stories that women will go like ‘yes, yes, yes. That is so true.’ With tears in their eyes.

What I like about the book is the story telling approach. The pace is good, not too fast that you cannot follow the story, neither it is too slow that it bores you. It has a lot of family and spiritual values, and it makes you think about your family and your life for a while.

However, there is always one problem I have with story like this – it sounds like the Hong Kong TVB family soup opera. Just imagine a picture of the whole family coming together, and siting in the living room, laughing and joking and people who hate each other suddenly realise, hey we are family, we shouldn’t be fighting! And they hug and they smile to each other. And then the grandma comes up and says something cheesy, ‘this is what family is like.’

I get goosebumps whenever there are scenes like that in the story, not the good kind of goosebumps. It feels so made up! 


Maybe that is just me. And thanks to all the made up scenes about family warmth, I am not emotional about this book at all. When I finished reading, I was alright, and then very quickly I moved on to another book.

Overall, it is a good story embedded with good values. You will find yourself in deep thoughts for days after reading it. Not entirely the female version of Morrie, in fact both the characters of Morrie and the grandma are very different. But it is still a book that reminds you about little things in life.


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