Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella: My Recent Read

Recently, I have picked up a book – and it was all because of the quote on the cover by Zoe Sugg. I used to watch her YouTube channel and I have stopped watching eventually, nevertheless I always like how she talks about items she loves and I thought ‘the book must be so great because Zoella loved it’. Therefore I fell for it. Therefore I took the book. Therefore I paid. Therefore I read.

So this is how my book looks like (And my hand, and my bedsheet).

Paperback version, and it costs me RM34

The book talks about a teenage girl named Audrey who has aniexty and depression and she wears a pair of sunglasses all the time, even when she is at home. Until she meets a boy…

Sounds like a cute story huh? 

It took me only 4 hours to finish reading it, so…it does give me high sense of achievement – because I always take too much time to finish reading a book. However, I don’t share the same view as Zoe Sugg.

I don’t love it.

Alright, in general, I have to say, it is an enjoyable book, and that is it. If you want a super easy book to read, for a Saturday morning or vacation when you just want to relax, this is a good pick. However if you are easily agitated with the following, don’t waste your money:

1. Unrealistic depiction of a troubled family – a daughter with mental illness, a rebellious son who is obsessed with computer game, a noncommittal father, and an overwrought mum. The only nice thing about the family is the 4 year old boy named Felix. And how can they still get along with each other and still be functional? I mean come on, if it happens in the reality, the son would run away from house, the daughter would commit suicide, the father would have affair and the mother would…I don’t know…anyway despite all challenges, no real disaster happened to the family. 

I don’t mean I would like to see a disaster, but that is only realistic.

2. Overly simplified romance. Ok this is teenage romance, but teenagers are so much more complicated than adults in sorting out their own feelings. The story seems to make it too simple that boy meets girl and they kiss and they fell in love and they are still in love and they will still be in love. Hmm, I just think that falling in love with another person, especially a teenager with mental illness takes a lot more than what it is depicted in the book. 

3. It is very obvious that Sophie Kinsella sees herself as the mother in this book – if you have read it you know what I mean. Even though she wrote the book with the first person perspective – from Audrey’s perspective, I could tell she puts a lot of emphasis on the mother. So much so that Audrey doesn’t sound like Audrey, Audrey sounds like her mother, like she knows her mother’s motivation and it is very sympathetic to her mother.

Alright those are my three points why I don’t love the book. Maybe I am not a teenager and therefore I expect more from this book. Should I read the book as a teenager…well, I am not really sure whether the younger me would love it either. The love story is bland, the characters are so-so, the plot is alright, nothing much to shout about.

Maybe what I would like is the size of the book, easily consumable. 

Time to pick another book! And again, hopefully it doesn’t take me another few months to finish reading a book again.


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