What Makes You Happy

I like to talk about happiness because I think it makes me happy just by talking about it. So essentially what makes you happy?

I am sure you thought of that, but do you consciously do certain things because you feel happy doing them?

I have got many people who work hard for their living and I sometimes wonder apart from work, what else they have? Do they have other things they like apart from work? Potato chips are addictive enough, but work can be equally addictive too, if not more. But would you rather die from eating too much potato chips or working too much?

Many countries are facing problems that people die younger due to overwork. Many deseases are results of toxic residues of stress. We know that. Any human being with sound mind know that overwork is not good. But why people are overworking?

Through my brief observation, it is because they have got nothing better to do. Sound insane right? How can someone have nothing better to do than work? It all boils down to habit.

Twenty one repetition makes a habit. That is what they say. In a life of a working person there are many opportunities for someone to do something repeatedly for twenty one times. You reply twenty one emails the same way, you process twenty one cases the same way, you organise twenty one events the same way. How can you not get accustomed to work?

But having something else you could do in your free time is taking you out of your comfort zone. That something else is supposed to make you happy that is more enjoyable than your work. But many find it ‘wasting time’.

Then do you really know what makes you happy. I can say all the things I like and can make me happy are not related to my work. I like drawing, singing, reading fiction, listening to podcast, watching historical drama, to a certain extend, cooking…and these make me happy.

Do you know what make you happy?


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