Hope For Hope

Abdi hoped very much to live in the US, but people around him made fun of him, especially when it was a dream that seemed impossible. Abdi was a Somali who stayed in Kenya as a refugee. However his hope caused him to win the green card lottery – he got his ticket to the US via US Diversity Visa Programme.

But as a refugee, his life was tough. On one hand he was threatened by the Somali Ismalist al-Shabab, on the other hand he was threatened by the Kenyan police and the fear of Kenyans towwards the Somalis. He nearly lost his life once when he was in the bus with his bag of documents and the Kenyans thought he had bomb with him. In addition to all the life-threatening challenges, he needed to fulfill the requirements to realise his American Dream – by providing documents and evidences required by the US embassy before he could leave. He still pull it through despite all the obstacles because he had a hope. In the end he managed to submit every document on time, however his application was rejected.

His dream was crushed. His spirit was devastated. The very wish he pursued with his whole life turned into rubble in just a blink of an eye.

He thought he did not have any chance at all to realise his dream, but a BBC journalist who was in touch with him made a call to embassy to enquire about Abdi’s case, soon his case was approved.

Abdi now lives in where he has always dreamed of living. He strived even when things were bad for him because he had a hope.

All things start small, the smallest hope brings the outcome you can never imagine

When Marina Nemat, a Catholic who was imprisoned for speaking up during the spark of Iranian Revolution, recalled that when she was with other prisoners who were under tremendous threat of being tortured and killed, they talked about those happy days they had before the revolution – to give themselves hope. Though vague, hope kept them from becoming insane. In the end Marina escaped the fate of being persecuted and now she is an author for two books on her experience as a prisoner.

Hope is believing without seeing. Hence I hope for hope. I hope for more hope especially now. We need hope more than ever. Cling on to it, declare it, and believe it.


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