A girl I know has nothing good to say about anything or anyone, although she has no malign intention. I like her for her candidness, but I am bothered with her permissic outlook of life, and she says she is just being ‘realistic’. After that I found out the very reason she behaves as such – her brother.

She told me her brother criticises her a lot, from her character to her size. She works very hard to prove her brother wrong, and to gain her dignity. She told me her brother is telling the truth. It is not hard to see every truth to her is coated with bitter condemnation. When she tells the truth, she coats the truth with the same poison prescribed by her brother. 

She has loads of baggages with her, and they are affecting the way she treats people. She is accepting the baggages loaded by her brother.

Many times I like to observe how a person behaves and I like to analyse the person’s behaviour. It intrigues me even more to see how people can influence other and can be influenced by others, so much more that I ever expected. Usually the ones who have the most influence are the families. 

So, before we judge quickly how others behave, perhaps we need to think deeper about the intention of the person’s behaviour. Maybe it is really a baggage that the person carries without realising. If we are carrying some baggages that slow us down, leave them, throw them away, dispose them.


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