True Story: Confident Contestant Turned Sore Loser

He stood on the stage. He felt the excitement swelling inside, with a hint of nervousness, but he knew he got this – he spoke to bigger crowd, he closed big deals and he was called the rising star in his industry. He was smart, successful and significant. He knew his strategy for grapple as such, he had been to too many. He glanced at his competitors, an instance boost of confidence kicked in – they were amateurs, nothing close to what he had seen. Then he took a good look at the audience, he was thankful that most of them were female – easily impressable female. He took a deep breath, and delivered his long prepared speech.

He thought he did fantastically. The audience seemed to fall in love with him. He could tell from the way their looked at him – full of admiration and awe. He recognised that look, it always happened after he ended his last sentence of his speeches. He just got to bore himself with other contestants’ speeches before the results were announced. 

He was smiling all the way when 3rd and 2nd places were announced, but his facial muscles suddenly became stiff when the champion’s name was called – it wasn’t him. He stomped out of the hall immediately thinking to himself – foolish judges.

This is a true story. 

Life is full of uncertainties. No matter how much confidence you have, there are things you can’t be in control. God has wry sense of humour, sometimes we just can’t understand. But when we are humble, when things don’t go our way, we could accept the fact easily and move on graciously.

Stay humble.


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