I’m Back And Where I Have Been

I miss it here. I really missing writing.

Ok now I owe myself an explanation of why I have not been writing.

1. I have been busy

Alright the truth is I have always been busy, but last time I used to dedicate hours to write. Now I just get sucked with so many other things in life. Like work, work and work. Sounds like a no-life life huh? 

Ok my work is not that bad. I am not working in Wall Street or Big Four that drain every single breath of yours. Well I am sure no one from Wall Street or Big Four reads this, they are just too busy at work. But I am just working on a project that I don’t have much experience and expertise in. Right. That sounds like a good reason of not writing.

2. My phone

My previous phone was Samsung and I sometimes blog on my phone. It was so darn slow. I didn’t have the patience to wait for it to function and hence I didn’t do any post at that time. Now I am an Apple IPhone convert! Not bashing Samsung but seriously you get what you pay. 

Do expect myself to do more post with my new phone (over-promise in the making).

3. I think this is the real reason – I wasn’t inspired

You need to be inspired to inspire, right?

Well recently I just feel stress and pressure built up by myself and people around me. I think I just got involved with people who are naturally not positive and not encouraging. I cared too much and I couldn’t move on with my emotional baggage. Well don’t we all experience that? Some awful people behaving like we owe them favours? So I have decided to leave the negative vibes from these people. I want to embrace everyday our good Lord grants me.

Life is too short.

If these negative people want to continue their lives as such, so be it. But I don’t want, because

My life is too beautiful. 


what a wonderful world

That is why it is worth documenting.

Big welcome back to myself.


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