5 Greatest Things About Being a Malaysian

20 years ago many people hadn’t heard of a small country by the name of Malaysia, and many still thought that Malaysians lived on the trees (orangutans were perhaps thought their cousins). Now as nations are more closely connected and people are more mobile, the name of my beloved home country is more known by the world (at least they know we have planes).

I like being a Malaysian. I have had the pleasure to live in this lovely and interesting country since the day I was born. There are 5 greatest things I appreciate the most being a Malaysian.

Good food.
When countries argue about food, you know they are dead serious about it. Our neighbour Singapore claimed that Bak Kut Teh (translation: herbal meat soup) originated from them when we Malaysians thought differently, and it caused great dispute. No matter what the undeniable truth is there’s much good food in Malaysia. You can tell with the number of Malaysian food bloggers. Any usual Malaysian likes to eat, and we can eat at any time, even at wee hours. We can sacrifice our sleep just for satay celup, nasi lemak panas and dim sum. You can get almost any kind of food here, French, Italian, German, Australian, Japanese, Korean, Arabian, Thai, Indonesian, and the list goes on.

Use of Different Languages
Any Malaysian knows at least two languages. Many of us know more than two languages. An ordinary Malaysian like me know three languages. When I say ‘know’ it means I can ‘write, read and speak’ in that language. On top of that I understand two dialects. I met an Indian guy who could speak Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil. However that gives us a small problem especially when we meet strangers – we don’t know which language to use.

Unique Slang and Accent
You have seen videos of people imitating accents of different countries and regions in YouTube and I am quite sure that Malaysian accent is one of the toughest to imitate. Our slang and accent are greatly influenced by languages like Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Tamil and to certain extend, archaic British English (we were once subjects of the Queen of Great Britain, long long time ago).

Here I have a list of words commonly used here:

1. Outstation: I find this word interesting because it’s only used here and it means ‘out of the town’ or ‘another state’.

2. Aiseyman: ‘I’ll say, man’ which means frustration. Sometimes it is shortened to only ‘aisey’.

3. Gostan: comes from ‘go astern’ which means reverse.

4. Your head: it means ‘non-sense’ or ‘my foot’, quite a useful expression.

5. Bladdyful: comes from ‘bloody fool’ and it means ‘bloody fool’ as well, in general Malaysians take this expression lightly and are not offended with it.

It’s Easy to Travel to Other Countries

Being a small country one of the many advantages is that you are accessible to other neighbouring countries much more easily. Many Malaysians travel to Singapore so often that it doesn’t feel like going to another country, it is just so near. I always travelled to Hatyai and I considered myself travelling to overseas many times. In fact people who stay in Kelantan, Perak, Kedah and Perlis do not need passport to pass the border of Thailand, all they need is a border pass which is much cheaper and easier to apply.

We ALWAYS Have Sales

I don’t know why but we always have sales here. We have New Year Sales, Chinese New Year sales, Mid Year Sales, Ramadan Sales, Raya Sales, Deepavali Sales, Christmas Sales, Year End Sales…I haven’t bought my clothes at a normal price for a long time, they’re always after discount. 
Sounds like a cool country doesn’t it?


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