Best Things in 2014

I learn many things in life, one of them is to count your blessings – no matter what happened.

Let’s be really honest, 2014 was not a great year. I am so saddened by the news of the Air Asia aviation accident which happened last Sunday. Air Asia is so close to our hearts as we always fly with the airlines due to its competitive rates. Apart from that there were so many other unhappy news – ISIS, Pakistan school attack, Ebola and so many more. Even when I am writing this, there are people in this country who suffer from massive flood.

But, there are things to give thanks for in 2014. Now I am listing down some very best things that took place in my life in 2014, I hope this will cheer you up and perhaps, cause you and I to be hopeful for 2015:

1. Many people I know have decided to tie the knot. My good friends, my cousin, my university senior…I am indeed happy for each couple, I think getting someone to spend the rest of your life with is truly a great blessing!

2. I have had the chance to catch up more with my dear girlfriends – I think this year we made it to the point to meet up more, which was absolutely fun! I really miss you girls *muacks*

3. I was assigned an awesome colleague to help me out at work, he has been such a great help, thank God.

4. I have read so many good books – The Pillar of the Earth, World without End, The Colour Purple, The Last Empress, Pearl of China, Heaven Changes Everything (second book of Heaven is for Real), and the latest book that made it to my have-read-list, The Last Dog on the Hill. Alright I got work harder so that I read even more books this year.

5. I ran 12 km – that is an almost mission impossible.

6. I made some very good friends this year and established meaningful relationships.

7. I won first place in a mini singing contest organised by a Toastmasters club, and my ukulele was featured again.

8. I completed my term of service as the President of my Toastmasters club – a very fruitful and humbling journey.

9. Oh I have also completed another ten speeches which I gained the title of Advanced Communicator Sliver, that was much hard work, and cold sweat

10. I had my vacation at an off the beaten city – Nanning, China. Well I didn’t write about it, that is quite a shame as I have amazing pictures to show, let’s see if I have the right spirit I shall pen down a few lines about this amazing city.

So far these are what I could come up with, I am sure if given a longer time I could come up with a longer list, because God is great and He is able to provide. He has blessed my year 2014 bountifully and I wish you will be blessed even so much more in the year 2015.

Happy new year!


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