A Thing or Two About Feeling Happy

How to feel happy?

I am sure you have your own ways to feel happy, the usual one is to do something that makes you feel happy for instance gardening, reading or even shopping. If I suggest this way doesn’t work, would you be convinced?

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to feel happy for the longest time? And you tried watching your favourite shows, eating your favourite cheese cakes and spending time with your favourite people, the inability to feel happy is still there? If just by doing things you enjoy would cure your sore heart, why didn’t it work?

I am searching for the cure as well. I tried doing things I like to get rid of my bad feelings. It worked, but only temporarily. I found new ways to tackle the heart issue, because I don’t want to waste my life feeling sick and tired.

First, forgiveness. Forgive the person who hurt you, forgive the circumstance that torn you, most importantly forgive yourself. Forgiveness is extremely powerful because hatred won’t grow on the land of forgiveness. If we can’t forgive, we can’t feel good about the person, the circumstance, most importantly about ourselves. We do ourselves a huge favour by extending forgiveness, an ounce of forgiveness brings a gallon of joy.


For if You Forgive Men Who Sin Against You, Your Heavenly Father Will Also Forgive You. Matthew 6:14

Second, thankfulness. This is he ultimate dose of joy that all of us should partake at least once everyday. Thank God. Thank people. Thank for the experience. Thank for material things we have. I am thankful for my Samsung S3 mini and I always blog my thoughts using it. I am absolutely loving it though many told me good things about higher end phones. If you could, list down three things you are thankful for. I am certain you find that you have so much more to be thankful for.


Be Thankful For Lights 🙂

Third, make it a point to enjoy life. Many people make it a point to earn a certain amount of money, complete a certain tasks or win in certain argument or negotiation. Why not make it a point to enjoy life? Many people make it a point to do so many things that hurt people around them, damage their own lives and suck their energy. Why do we get into the temptation of making our lives miserable so easily? Make it a point to feel happy, feel very happy and feel extremely happy.


Happiness doesn’t just happen, happiness doesn’t just occur, happiness needs to be felt, and we need to make the first steps to feel it.

Hapoy feeling happy.


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