Judge, Judging, Judgemental

Well, let’s face it, no one likes to be judged.

But the irony is, we like to judge! We like to form certain opinion about something and someone. It’s human nature, because of the ability to judge, we could protect ourselves from harm ‘his has tattoo, he looks dangerous, I better stay far away from him’, ‘unmarried women? Her life must be so miserable’, ‘of course she is promoted so fast, look at that tight fitting dress she wears every day to seduce her boss’, or at least we think we could protect ourselves from harm – by harming someone.

Rumour Has It – That She Has Had Enough of It

I was at one point confused between being ‘discerning’ and ‘judgemental’. The Bible calls us to be discerning, isn’t discerning similar to judgemental? I read further, they are very different. Being discerning is when you know white is white, being judgemental is when you think white is off-white.

I worked with people who were extremely judgemental and sometimes due to my profession, I fall into the temptation of being judgemental. I am always humbled and reminded by the Spirit of Matthew 7:4 ‘How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the splinter out of your eye,’ when you have the log in your own eye?’.

Few days ago I heard about a Christian talking about another Christian, he said ‘that so called man of God knows nuts about anything. All he knows is only talk and preach.’ As I heard his comments, my heart grew cold, because I don’t know how I score in the eyes of people around me, I don’t know how people judge me. Will someone say the same about me?

However now I came to realise that I shouldn’t be worried of how people judge me, I should be more worried how God judges me. I shouldn’t be concerned whether I am the prettiest and coolest person around, but I should have the desire to be the apple of God’s eye, because in the end, God’s kingdom is where I belong, not the earthly empire.

So don’t be dismay if someone judges you, if it is a constructive judgement, take it and make improvements; if it is a destructive judgement, leave it and still make improvements.

And about the Christian guy who commented badly about another Christian, little did he know, another person commented exactly the same thing about him.

What comes around does go around.


2 thoughts on “Judge, Judging, Judgemental

  1. Very well said. I think as human beings, it is hard to never judge anyone. But we can remind ourselves that our opinions are not always correct. Also, if we reprimand ourselves (gently) each time we find ourselves being judgemental, little by little we will judge people less.


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