Puppy Love

I think one of the greatest creation on Earth is P-U-P-P-Y, why are puppies so cute?

I got two puppies few months ago and they were so adorable. The way they hopped and ran was simply cuteness overload. See it for yourself and tell me you don’t like puppies:


Bella is irresistable

My little Rottie Bella

Look at his cute smile :)

Marcos' side view

My little Marco

Of course now they don’t look like this at all. Both of them have grown up a lot and I still can’t manage to take good pictures of them. They have been such joy to the family and we love them very much. I think dogs are made to touch and warm hearts, aren’t they?

Many marketing and advertising agency realise that and hence dogs are featured in their ads as well, watch this genius ads from Budweiser, if you have soft spots for puppies and dogs, please have tissue standby:

However some make use of our love for pups – I mean when I found out that Dutch Airlines KLM’s Sherlock was just a mascot, I felt really cheated:

But it’s ok, that will not stop me from loving puppies…


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