50 Things to do Alone When I am Bored (no Facebook Needed)

Are you now bored? If you are, congratulations! Guess what, you are the luckiest people who have too much time and too less things to do, that is why you are bored.

I wish I could be bored, but I seldom have the chance to get bored. If I ever get bored, these are the things I would do and maybe you can try it out yourself:

1. Update my blogs.

2. Read. Yes I have got many untouched books waiting for me.

3. Talk to God.

4. Rewrite or review my goals for the year.

5. Clean or rearrange my furniture.

6. Play with my dogs.

7. Do laundry.

8. Try new makeup look.

9. Window shop

10. Bake, hopeful something edible.

11. Nap, my favourite.

12. Boil soup.

13. Grill chicken.

14. Swim, if it doesn’t rain.

15. Jog.

16. Learn a new song.

17. Download Hits top 40.

18. Sing, by the way I have got a SingSnap account. Come visit me 🙂

19. Draw.

20. Paint my nails.

21. Play with my ukulele.

22. Play with my guitar.

23. Do positive self-talk.

24. Organise my book collection.

25. Organise my wardrobe.

26. Learn Adobe After Effects, right I have such powerful tool but I know nothing about it.

27. Look for new blogs to read.

28. Watch Youtube videos.

29. Record myself dancing to the song “Happy” and upload it to Youtube.

30. Write my Toastmasters speech.

31. Write short stories, and yes I have got a few story lines already.

32. Do vision board, something I have always wanted to do.

33. Buy something nice to eat, ice cream, tarts, yum yum.

34. Have some tea.

35. Do split, it helps to loosen up my muscles.

36. Watch a movie online.

37. Visualise all the good things and how awesome my life is.

38. Do facial mask.

39. Do body scrub.

40. Do hair scrub.

41. Do hair mask.

42. Make honey lemon and drink.

43. Plan for my dream vacation, current top on the list is Europe.

44. Watch animal documentary.

45. Organise pictures albums.

46. Make handmade cards.

47. Do Zumba.

48. Take monkey faces selfies that I will never post on Facebook.

49. Compose a song.

50. Decorate my room.

What are the things you would do if you were bored?


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