Lucky Day Lucky Drink

It was a hot day, I was craving both for a drink and O’briens chips. I went straight to the outlet below my office to grab the chips first. When I was paying the cashier mentioned something confusing, ‘oh, you get a free drink, you can choose from the menu.’ I was shocked that I thought I made the wrong order, but she insisted me to choose a free drink from the menu. I asked her again for what reason I got the free drink, she said it nonchalantly ‘oh because you are 144th customer and this month is our 12th year anniversary, hence we give every 12th customer a free drink’, I wanted a drink so desperately, WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE!

Happy to be Lucky :)

Happy to be Lucky 🙂

There in the picture you can see my receipt bearing the number 144 with my lightly salted chips and my free vanilla milkshake, of course you can always see the happy clam.

Thank God for such wonderful treat! ❤


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