Positive Thinking…or Not

Nowadays we are always bombarded with positive thinking as if it is the only way to live. I am totally all up for positive thinking, I like being positive and perceived as positive. I think this is the only century that people talk about positive thinking because we are fortunate that we don’t live in a century full of wars, poverty and plague. However does it solve your problem?

So I have put positive thinking to a test. While I was rinsing my face with cold tap water in one fine morning I looked in the mirror and I saw my fresh dewy face, I told myself: today is going to be an awesome day! I smiled and saw my reflection smiling back at me, everything seemed perfect! So I put on my black knee-length peplum dress and went for my appointment with my friend. When I reached the venue, I called my friend, nobody answered. I called again, nobody answered. I looked at my watch, nope I was not super earlier neither I was super late. I decided to wait for a little while but my impatience caused me to pace along the walkway from the left to the right and to the left repeatedly.

Suddenly I felt someone patting my back followed by a voice saying ‘your dress is ripped right at your backside’, I turned and I saw a lady with her ‘victorious’ smirk as if she just won a trip to London. I immediately touched the back of my dress. Good gracious, that was not a prank! I quickly ran to the nearest washroom while I had thousand of things in mind. Did I bring my sewing kit? Shucks I didn’t. How now? Oh what if it is beyond repair? I need to get a new dress. But how can I walk out of the washroom in this dress? And I have done my positive thinking, what did this still happen to me? My useless friend is not answering my call, and my stupid dress is doing this to me, how?

OK calm down, it will turn out well. Today is an awesome day! Remember?

I jumped into the washroom, take off my dress and I saw the zipper was stuck, so I readjusted it with much hope that the problem was as simple as it looked like, and voila! I fixed my dress! I didn’t have to have sewing kit, I didn’t have to wear a torn dress to buy a new dress, and alright my friend was not useless.

That brought me a new way of thinking, positive thinking will not make your life easier, it makes your life as tough as ever, but you are reminded that it is alright not to react on your negative emotions.

Difficult boss? Backstabber colleagues? Inconsiderate partner? Uncontrollable children? I know and it is ALRIGHT to feel bad, I have got not right to say ‘you shouldn’t feel that way’ and I think no one in this world has the right to say that as well. God feels sad and angry at times, He doesn’t always feel happy, that’s why we have feelings because we are made in His image. However it is not ALRIGHT to feel bad all the time, the most powerful thing we have is the power of choice. You can choose to suppress your anger and fake a smile, you can choose to let it all out, you can also choose to acknowledge your feelings and move on. Positive thinking…or not? Your choice.


2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking…or Not

  1. Thank you for your excellent insight! I still believe positive is the way to go. However, i have learned that it’s ok to have negative feelings every once in a while as long as we don’t attach to them and let them stop us from moving ahead. When we resist the negative it only brings more 😉


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