Random Act of Kindness

Today I experienced a random act of kindness.

I was at a training and the room was freezing cold, the best thing was I did not bring anything to keep me warm. I simply relied on cups and cups of warm tea but the cold temperature was biting my fingertips. I even sat on my palms – not the best sitting position especially in the public, but I had no other options.

The gentleman sitting right in front me suddenly asked me, ‘do you want my jacket?’ I must have looked awfully pathetic that he couldn’t help but to help. With the ability of not being embarrassed easily, I said ‘of course!’ I took the jacket from him, put it on myself, and it felt so much warmer having the extra piece of cloth on me.

A simple action would make someone’s day, at least it made my day that I wrote about it here! An act of kindness is always appreciated and desirable, no matter how random nor how small, people love getting one, and people remember how that small action makes them feel.


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