Tragedy: MH 17

The first thing I saw when I woke up on the fateful Friday was message from my brother saying the Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down to ground and there was no survivor. I immediately thought it MUST BE a joke because the chance of two major plane accidents happened in 4 months to the same airlines is infinitesimal, or at least I think God can’t be that cruel. However I came to realise that it was true when I saw the news in CNN.

Not again. I asked God in my heart why He allowed this to happen again to our national carrier, of course there was no answer.

Many would be just like me – feeling confused and terrified. Some may even feel angry and hopeless. Many questions were asked, but often in vain.

In the midst of national mourning, I stumbled upon an old advertisement of Malaysia Airlines taken in 1998 for independence day which the airlines experienced its recovery from its first sign of unprofitability. The advertisement touches my heart in a very different way especially in such trying time as it narrates the journey of Malaysians struggling through wars and colonies:

Now it is really the time to show the real spirit of Malaysians. God bless the nation.


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