A Story of Lily

Lily came from an ordinary family from an ordinary town. Due to her happy-go-lucky nature she was always happy.  She was happy to wake up in the morning with fresh air. She was happy when she drank coffee. She was happy when she read a good book. After her studies she went to the city to work. Everything was no longer simple, and it seemed happiness didn’t come easy. People told her that she needed to own a car to be happy. People told her that she needed to own branded bags and clothes to be happy. People told her that she needed to be rich to be happy. Lily was beaten up and bitter. She never had once in her life thought that happiness was to be earned, happiness was not for everyone, happiness was expensive.

How many of us feel like Lily? You are not alone. Believe it or not, many people rejoice when we are unhappy, they hate it when good things happen to you in life! Because they are not happy with their lives and they are compensated to see someone around them as miserable if not more as they are. Take a recent personal experience for example, a girl came to me and asked whether another girl has broken up with the boyfriend because she noticed they weren’t seen together as often as in the past. However for all I know, the couple is still happily attached, but why the speculation?

Jealousy, unjust treatment, hatred,all these are simply because someone doesn’t want someone to be happy.

Let’s not put our happiness on sale just because someone tells us that we shouldn’t be happy. Happiness is not measured by its simplicity, nor complexity. Philippians 4:4 says Rejoice in the Lord always, again I will say, Rejoice.

From this Easter Sunday onwards, we must decide not to let others take away our happiness, joy and peace. May God fill your heart with happiness and joy.


Flowers make me happy, I thank God for such beautiful creation


2 thoughts on “A Story of Lily

  1. The thing is, different people define happiness in different ways. We shouldn’t be influenced by what other people tell us we should do to be happy. We are the only ones who can define our own happiness.

    It is also sad that some people wish for other people to be unhappy, so that they themselves can be happy. Happiness should be something that can be enjoyed by everyone, all at the same time.


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