The World that Revolves around You

You and I know that there is no such thing as the world that revolves around you. However interestingly there are many people behaving as if the world should revolve around them. I am sure you come across overly self absorbed people who draw every single possible attention to themselves. I have come across a girl who complained about her generous chest and her tiny waist that everybody couldn’t help but to stare at the highlighted areas, and I thought that was a devastating desperation for attention.

Thanks to social media, self obsession is brought to a higher level. Now with the formally introduced word of Oxford Dictionaries in 2013 the oh-so-glamorous ‘selfie’, people are just shamelessly snapping massive number of pictures of themselves! It’s so convenient and easy, moreover that makes you feel more in control of your image because you get to choose your best features to be featured, and usually they are such secrets that nobody knows them until they discover your selfie and exclaim ‘hey you don’t look like yourself in the picture!’

The Most Retweeted Selfie Ever: The Oscar Style

Ages ago humility was seen as a good virtue and boastfulness the opposite, but now it seems the other way round. The culture encourages us to flaunt and flout, to brag and boast. No? Take the once popular chick flick Confessions of a Shopaholic, isn’t the main character Becky narcissistic? And why so many could related to her and think that her self-admiration is appealing?

Shopaholic: And She is Proud to be One

Some say, well it is ok to love yourself more, it is ok to be vain once in a while. Let’s just be honest, who likes their Facebook feeds to be flooded with highly digitally filtered selfies? If that doesn’t sound too bad, what about some duck faces, v signs and bizarre coloured lenses? Oh and the ‘me’ album! Let’s just talk about individual selfies and not couple selfies, that is another story altogether, equally attention seeking if not more.

Now there is an interesting research I came across, apparently study shows that over-sharing of photos including selfies makes people less likeable! That is not surprising at all. Who would like people who think that their pictures are so remarkable and significant that they can’t help but to spam your feed with these pictures?

World doesn’t revolve anyone. If a person truly wants to build meaningful relationships, the person will not strive to be interesting but be interested. Self centred people will not appreciate the beauty of another person’s world, they are happy as long as they could present themselves well in the public looking very good, but wise people who touch lives would open up to the world of others, even if that doesn’t make them look their best.

Action Speaks Louder than Appearance: Wrinkled and Withered, But Who Cares When You are Earth-Shattering?


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