Dear Jackie

Dear Jackie,

We have never met but I have been always excited to see you. I was told you were brought to my family few days after Chinese New Year and I have been trying to shift my schedule to free one weekend to see you. You were only 2 weeks old when you came. Raee said I better go home fast before you turn into a big fierce strong dog. You are a Rottweiler Jackie, and I was very afraid you could not recognise me and you would attack me like a stranger. I don’t want to be bitten by you.

I was always told about you. How you grew everyday. How cute the way you walked. How smart you were. You were getting really naughty that you walked into our living room nonchalantly, although dad always didn’t allow you to do so. What a highfalutin puppy you were! However the whole family loved you, especially mum and dad. You charmed them with your vulnerability and dependence.

When I heard you met with an accident last Thursday, my heart dropped. I prayed you would be healed miraculously. I prayed to God not to take a way a one-month old puppy. I prayed I could see you. You were gone on last Friday afternoon due to severe internal bleeding. Poor Jackie, I have not even touched your soft paws nor carried your warm little body, you left too soon that some people who have never seen you cried and mourned and people who love you feel the sharp searing sorrow of your departure.

Little Jackie, I know you are now in heaven safe in His hand. I hope that when we meet you will know who I am.

Till we meet.

Yours Faithfully,


Forever a Cute Rottweiler

Forever a Cute Rottweiler


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