Travel Back in Time

I visited a Toastmasters Club and their table topic was ‘if you were given a chance to travel back in time in your own life, what age would you like to travel back and what would you tell yourself?’ The topic reminded me of the movie ‘About Time’ (which made me cried like a baby), but the difference here is the present you will travel back in your own life as the present you to see the past you, and you are going to say something to the past you. Interesting topic isn’t it? These few days I kept wondering what my answer would be if I were posed such question.

Perhaps I would go back to when my grandmother was still alive. Instead of talking to myself, I would talk to her. I would tell her that I achieved good results in my secondary school and I completed my studies in university. Oh, I would bring some pictures to show her too, maybe my graduation pictures. For all you know Chinese old folks are very particular about the children’s education even though they might not be educated. She would be very happy if she knew her little grand daughter would wear that mortar board one day. Well if I were allowed to stay a little longer with her I would tell her that my brothers would graduate in universities as well! She would be extremely proud of us.

Then I will travel to 4 years ago to talk to myself. I was at that time stuck in an emotion sucking relationship, and of course that relationship didn’t work out. However I was clinging and holding on to it, I wasted so much tears and energy for a worthless man for more than one year. Hence I would tell myself that God has a good plan for me and all good things would come to pass. I would also tell myself that because of this relationship, I would discern gold from all that glitters.

Maybe I would just want to go back to yesterday to tell myself to just relax and enjoy the day. I have been burdened with much responsibility and workload recently that I found it difficult to even enjoy my Saturday. I would remind myself to cast the burden unto the Lord and bear His yoke for it is easy. Oh, I would also remind myself to update my blog (man, I don’t want my blog to start growing weeds and spider webs).

I suppose many times we just want to go back to yesterday, to tell ourselves ‘Hey, it is not that bad, cheer up’, ‘you don’t have to scold him, he didn’t mean it’, ‘you don’t have to write a nasty post on her Facebook wall’, ‘you should have hugged her and say ‘sorry”…there are so many things we want to tell ourselves, and too often too late, and since travel back in time is not possible, might as well we live our everyday life the best we can.


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