Dog Bites and Bee Stings: Death

I am sure death is not something many like to talk about, what’s more for Chinese, this is almost as good as an unpardonable sin to mention the word ‘death’ in new year. This however is something I wish to write since that incident took place – the passing of an acquaintance.

I knew her in university and she was a friend of a friend. That shows how close I was to her. She was and still is my Facebook friend, that was the only source I got her updates which I normally don’t particularly pay attention to.  I cannot remember whether we had ever spoken to each other, but I remember the first time I saw her, I thought she was very pretty. She appeared to be a sweet gentle God-loving girl. I like her and I think many do too. She reminded me of Beth March in ‘Little Women’, she lost her young life like the fictional character to an irremediable illness.
Upon receiving the news about her passing on last Boxing Day, I wept. I wept even more when I read her blog she wrote about the illness she suffered for years, and the distress and anxiety she went through – I knew nothing about it when she was alive! Oh boy, what an insensitive person I am! I can’t save her life, but I could give her a word of encouragement that might comfort her.
I recall that I had such a good heart once, I was so encouraging and open to people, but that brought me hurt and pain that I subconsciously closed my heart to protect myself. Now a new year starts, I pray again to God for a sensitive heart to the needs of people around me, and healing to my soul and spirit that were once injured and wounded.
Have a good year and I will write something happy next post.

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