A Few of My Favourite Things: Christmas Present

It was Christmas Day yesterday. To my utmost surprise I received many unexpected Christmas presents this year and I was as happy as a clam at high tide! Who doesn’t like Christmas presents? They are the incarnation of love, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Come to think of it, people spent their precious time and effort to look for presents, to wrap them with pretty present papers and sometimes with lovely bow, to write the best wish they could give to you, and finally to make sure the presents reach you, a gift is definitely more than a gift itself!

Presents I received!

Presents I received!

Although I love all of them, I have a favourite one. It was not any of them in the picture and it was not a given gift – it was a gift I bought myself using my own hard earned money, and I heart it to bits.

My favourite Christmas Gift

My favourite Christmas Gift

Yes, it is a tenor ukulele! It is locally made with a very Malaysian name. If you peep through the hole you would see its name ‘Langkawi’. Its petite body is smooth and light which makes it very easy to carry. Its sound is as bright as a bell and as crisp as a cracker. With a basic knowledge of guitar chords, I could play a song or two with ukulele quite immediately after familiarising with the fingering of the chords.

What is your favourite Christmas gift this year?


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