The Worst Movie I Have ever Watched

As much as we hope our choices are all wisely made, we make silly decisions. In the year 2008 I made a terrible decision by being convinced to go for a movie that I regret watching even until now. The movie was extremely disgusting, awfully nasty and worst of all, discriminative. I wasted my sleeping hours sitting in the cinema wondering how gullible I was to believe that the movie could be a good show!

The movie that I mentioned was ‘The Love Guru’. If you watched it you know how bad the movie can go. So I was stuck there, nowhere out but to continue enduring the crass jokes and meaningless plot. Hence I told myself since I was there, I would better make the best of it. By how? I was not sure, but at least I could do was to stop blaming my friends who introduced me to this.

Worst Movie Ever

Worst Movie Ever

We face this in many phases of our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck at some places we are not meant to be, or at least we think we are not meant to be. Joseph, the favourite son of Jacob was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers to Egypt. He was stuck in a foreign land that he did not wish to be, however he made the best of it and he rose to become the second man to Pharaoh. When he met his brothers after many years, he told his brothers ‘you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.’ (Genesis 50: 20).

Two days ago I watched ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and it was absolutely awesome. Of course Thor charmed everyone with his chivalry hands down but oddly I enjoy Loki’s sinisterness. Many would agree that Tom Hiddleston’s acting is amazing, but little might know he initially auditioned for Thor, however he was given to play the antagonist as Loki. I am not sure how he felt but if I were him I would feel slight disappointment, because it is always better to the hero than the bad guy! Tom Hiddleston took the challenge and made the best of it, he then won numerous awards for the role of the villain.

Favourite Super villain

Favourite Super villain

So back to 2008, how did I make the best of the silly show? Well I tried finding good lesson and values in the movie, of all the rubbish, at least I found something memorable. I can’t remember who said that in one scene to Love Guru that ‘pressure makes diamonds’, but Love Guru replied that ‘the pressure also makes rubber’. Interestingly some people keep putting pressure on their subordinates, their colleagues, their children, their spouses or even themselves because they think ‘pressure is good’, but pressure is the root of all sickness as money is the root of all evil! When I am faced with unreasonable stress, I tell myself I just need appropriate level of pressure to be a diamond, not rubber. I suppose that is the one thing I picked up even from the worst movie I have seen.

It is all about how we take things that come along our way.


2 thoughts on “The Worst Movie I Have ever Watched

  1. That’s very meaningful. Sometimes we just see the bad things that happen to us and complain. But if we don’t try to find a way to get out of the bad situation, things will never get better! We need to put in a little effort to get something back.


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