Vietnamese Girls

After a long hiatus, I am finally updating my blog about something I have been wanting to share, though life gets a little bit busier than how it used to be, I still find time to write.

During my absence I made my first business trip to Ho Chin Minh city. It is such an amazing place to be and most importantly the food is really awesome, I haven’t tasted anything bad so far and more so, I fell in love with the food immediately. The irony is that on the street of such city with much delicacy, it is very rare to see obese people around. Many girls in this part of the world that I stay struggle between being slim and eating nice food. We always blame the irresistible nasi lemak for every KG we gain. However the Vietnamese don’t seem to have such a problem. The Vietnamese girls that I met were all slim, fair and pretty!

Check out the picture of the beautiful Vietnamese girls!

Mekong Delta waitresses in their traditional outift

Mekong Delta waitresses in their traditional outfit

This is a restaurant that serves Mekong Delta dishes and they only hire young girls from Mekong Delta. A little bird told me that the first criteria of getting a job there is to have ‘curvaceous body figure’ because they will need to wear the traditional Mekong Delta outfit. If you could notice the material of the outfit is very thin and extremely body hugging. As much as unforgiving it is, it looks absolutely fitting on these girls.

One day during my trip I went for a full body massage introduced by my Vietnamese colleague, the moment I stepped into the room I thought I went to a wrong place. The room was with red lights on and the masseur was a pretty young girl wearing an extremely tight and short skirt. The massage session was nothing unusual (thank goodness!). However after the massage the girl smiled at me with a thumbs up and said: “dep!” I didn’t understand until I found out from my Vietnamese colleague that it means “beautiful”. Getting compliment from Vietnamese girls is very flattering.

I would visit this amazing place in the future, hopefully by doing so I would somehow discover the secret being keeping slim and eating good food.


2 thoughts on “Vietnamese Girls

  1. I once asked my Vietnamese friend the secret behind every slim body I saw in Hanoi.
    “Not everyone get to eat meat often in Vietnam” she replied.


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