How to: Make People Give You Nice Gifts

Have you ever met or known a person who always gets nice presents from others? I have a friend who is this kind of people, she always gets nice branded stuff from people for no reason, it is as if people just like to give her gifts! I was baffled by the fact that she keeps receiving presents without even asking for them, and I made a small investigation and observation, voila, I found the secret!

APPRECIATION is the secret.

She appreciates every single thing that everyone gives, be it expensive or cheap, she accepts with sincere thankfulness. You would agree with me some people are experts in faking gratitude and even sincerity, however you would be able to tell the fake after a few attempts. My friend has been consistent in showing her gratitude by taking extra good care of the things given to her. Ages ago I gave her a drawing of mine which I simply drew while I was too bored during lecture. Few years later I saw the same drawing in her room and I could not even remember myself that the drawing was what I have given to her, until I saw my initial at the corner of the paper, and the most amazing thing was, it was still at its best condition.

I was very touched. Hence whenever I am at vacation and I want to buy souvenirs, she will be one of the first few names which come to my mind.

Having said so, it is more blessed to give than to receive. If a person always thinks of receiving but does not give, this person might have all the free gifts, but not sincere friendship and joy.


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