I think it would not be wrong for me to say that our faces represent us the most compared to other parts of our bodies. Face is the first thing we look at when we meet another person, in fact it is only appropriate for us to look at a person’s face when we communicate with the person, otherwise it is a big faux pas. Face is particularly important to Chinese because ‘face’ in certain context means ‘pride’, for instance we say ‘give him some face’, it means to show him some respect and not embarrass him.

However many of us are not quite satisfied with the features of our faces. Comments about people’s own faces will come after photo-taking session ‘goodness, my face is as round as the moon’ ‘my nose is humongous, just like the round-a-bout we passed by’ ‘why are my eyes so small?’ Well, you and I are definitely one of them. I have got an oval shape face, small eyes, average nose and average mouth, I mean average in terms of size. I wasn’t very happy with how my face looked like, I thought my world would be better if my eyes were bigger. My eyes are so small that when I smile, they are gone. However slowly as I grow older, I start to appreciate God’s masterpiece, I look at the mirror and I still think, eh, I have got something nice to thank God for my face! No one will ever own this face and I am the only person who has it, what a privilege!

So now I am going to do something that I hope you will follow. I have my mirror with me and I am going to write down good things about every part of my face and give thanks to God for them, and I hope you could do the same as well, ready?

Alright, let’s get started!

I thank God for my eyes for they are small and they have close to perfect vision. I don’t need to wear glasses or contact lens and I could save extra money on these. May God cause my eyes to see beauty in God’s creation and treasure in everyone’s heart.

I thank God for my nose for its size is just nice for my face. Even though it is always sensitive to dust and cold weather, I thank God for the creation of Vitamin C so that my nose could have some relief. May God always protect my nose from pollution and virus.

I thank God for my mouth and my lips although they are chapped sometimes, they look awesome with just lip balm. May the Lord anoint these lips of mine that only kindness and sweetness will depart from them.

I thank God for my two little ears for they have listened to lovely music, great stories of people from different walks of life and the Word of God. May God use them to be good listeners to many others, may God make them sensitive to the voices of the people and voice of God.

I thank God for my oval shape face that it looks great in every picture I take, Many would pay the surgeon to have this kind of face shape, but I got it for free, so thank you Lord!

Are you prouder now for your face? I definitely am. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Faces

  1. Nice post! 🙂 I won’t go so far as to write down everything nice about my face, but I have become less critical of it as I got older. I still don’t think I can be a model (haha), but I feel that my face is not bad-looking, and that is enough! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all…that is why we all have different faces, so everyone can find faces they like!


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