I had a nightmare yesterday. I dreamed that I was suddenly at a pitch-dark place, I couldn’t see anything and I was wondering where I was. Then there was a voice telling me that I was no longer ALIVE!!! I really got a horror shock and I kept looking for angels to fetch me up to the heaven, but at the same time I was counting the things I haven’t accomplished when I could.

That moment was so real that I started recalling the people I love, the people I haven’t hugged for long time, the people I have offended but have yet to say sorry to.

I felt so sad, I miss the people I love, I wanted to hold them so badly, I wanted to tell them I love them so badly, and suddenly, I woke up.

Such a horrible nightmare, but it is a wake up call to me.

Sometimes we take things for granted, we take people for granted, we take love for granted.

When there is this person who cares about us, we tend to behave however we like because, he is still going to be there for me, he loves me, he can’t live without me. However if suddenly you are in a situation when you can’t repay the person’s love, you can’t tell how much you love the person, you can’t do anything to rewind the time, imagine how painful it can be.

Our days are numbered and only God knows how many days we have. I would not want to waste a day by not doing my best, not expressing enough love and not giving thanks to the Lord.

Hence Lord, thank you for the nightmare. I vow to live life to the fullest to glorify the Lord’s name.


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