‘Those Who are with Us’

The King of Syria was furious with Elisha the prophet as God told him everything that the Syrian King would do to attack Israel and hence Syria failed terribly. He ordered his troops to capture Elisha and the Syrians surrounded Elisha and his servant in the City of Dothan. Elisha’s servant was very worried and he said, ‘Alas my master, what shall we do?’
Have you ever faced this fear when you feel you are surrounded by only your enemies, no one is there for you, nobody is going to help you?

Helpless soul, bottomless pit and endless tunnel, you are lost, hopeless and miserable. You ask, what shall I do, who can help me, where are you God, but deep inside you somehow you sense that those questions are in vain.

Elisha’s servant felt exactly how we feel when we encounter our ‘enemies’, they might be more than us, hundred times stronger and bigger than us, we lose our defense and confidence, we might be devoured or minced the next second. However Elisha calmly answered his servant, ‘do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ Then he prayed, ‘LORD, I pray open his eyes that he may see.’

And that servant saw horses and chariots of fire were all around Elisha.

I have a wart that causes great pain and discomfort on my thumb and it has been there since I got a cut 3 months ago. I tried to pray for it to go away immediately and it didn’t, and I was like, oh Heavenly Father, isn’t this Your job to cure my thumb within seconds after I pray? After a few attempts, I knew He was not going to cure me by shortcut, so I got to go through follow-up checkups and medication. However I learn to look beyond the situation, and at last I am able to thank God to cause the wart to grow on my right thumb instead of my left thumb (I am a lefty), hallelujah!

Many times when we look at our situation, we doubt, we complain, we are disappointed, because through our human eyes, nothing seems to be rosy, nothing seems to worth the joy, please don’t even talk about celebration, bah humbug! However if we could see beyond our situation, things are totally different. If you are devastated, don’t break and remember this:

If God is for us and He sends His horses and chariots of fire to cover us, who can be against us?


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