Recently there have been a few restorations of artwork going on.

First is the Penang wall mural painted by a Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic that was splashed with wax but was finally restored by two volunteer siblings Tan Jia Hang and Tan Jia Shin by using penknife and hot water to remove most of the wax. (Pictures from

Before the restoration

Two kind siblings did their best to remove the wax

There is another major restoration of artwork which happened in Spain capturing the attention of the world. It is even called the world’s worst restoration of art work.

An old lady who volunteered to restore a century-old portrait of Christ ‘Ecce Homo’ however didn’t manage to win any credit for her good deeds, on contrary she was condemned for turning the face of Jesus, into something awfully different. (Picture from

From left, the original version, the picture before restoration, and the picture after restoration

Some said the restored version looks like a monkey, and hence it is from ‘Ecce Homo’ (Behold the Man) to ‘Ecce Mono’ (Behold the Monkey).

That reminds me of the opening theme of Mr Bean series ‘Ecce homo qui est faba’:

That also reminds me of Mr Bean’s attempt to restore a painting in the movie which turned out to be something like this:

Bean’s restored version

I always thought only Mr Bean could do this, but now I know I was wrong.


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