I didn’t know this is an English word until very recently. It is used to express indifference or ‘I don’t care’.

However this expression has been used for the longest time in this part of the world. The meaning is very different though. This is how we use ‘meh’ here:

1. You don’t know meh? (I thought you should know this.)

2. Not true meh? (I thought it was true.)

3. You haven’t eat meh? (I thought you have eaten.)

‘Meh’ is usually used to express astonishment, surprise, or sometimes accusation. It is used to end a question and it must be pronounced at high pitch (if that makes sense). It is originated from Cantonese. If you watch Hong Kong drama you will notice a lot of ‘meh’ here and there. Of course we use it so commonly and we even ‘integrate’ it with English.

At school we are always told that we have got too much ‘expression’ in our daily conversation, and we should avoid them completely to speak ‘Good English’. My stand is ‘meh. Of course when I talk to foreigners I won’t talk that way but when I talk to a pure Malaysian I will still talk like this, cannot meh?’


Now this is the correct way of using ‘meh’:






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