Happy Day 9: Listen to Music

I am really craving for K-pop.

I always love upbeat music and in these recent years K-pop has been quite a phenomenal craze in Asia, although I can’t really distinguish which group to which (for especially the girl groups they look almost identical), I still enjoy their songs.

I have my very own suppliers for the K-pop because many friends of mine are a total K-pop convert and I am loving the fact that they always enlighten me the specialty of the songs or the group. These are a few songs from the recommended list which are my recent favourites:

1. Day by Day – T-ara

The song is what I will call a ‘sticky song’. This is the song that will play in your mind automatically right after you hear it for the first time, whether you like it or not because it is just so MEMORABLE. The intro is just so marvelous and the flute adds the extra flavour to it. You will know immediately it is a sad sad sad song.

Now here is the MV.

I am absolutely amazed by its futuristic settings, amazing makeup and costume and intriguing story line. However don’t expect ultra great acting and kungfu fighting, they are not Jackie Chan nor Bruce Lee.

2. Trouble Maker – JS of Beast and Hyuna of 4Minute

The title itself is so playful that you pay extra attention to this song, and the trouble of this song is, it is super ADDICTIVE. You will definitely click the ‘replay’ buttons over and over again, well at least that happened to me.

Again the intro of the song is really catchy. The whistle sets the nonchalant and ‘naughty’ mood to the song.

The MV:

I just so love Hyuna’s outfits and makeup in the MV, truly sophisticated and subtly wild. I like especially this one:

Flawless skin, winged eyeliner with volume hair, quite typical K-pop look. But so what, she looks gorgeous!

3.  Volume Up by 4Minute

This song is really my love-at-first-sight, if my ears could see. I am so attracted by its intro by saxophone, so smooth, sleek and sassy. When it comes to the middle of the song, it has this rapping part with a mischievous child-like kind of voice but strong and revengeful. I am not sure who the rapper is, but I think that part as out of place as it may sound, it collides so beautifully with the other elements in the song.

The MV:

I don’t really fancy Gothic vampire related settings which are greatly adopted in this MV, but I like the more flamboyant part of the MV when the girls are all in colourful outfits with ultra light lighting.

So what makes good K-pop songs?

First you must have really appealing intro that captures the listeners before they could judge, like what these three songs have.

Second you must have pretty girls, because every guy and girl likes watching pretty girls for different reasons, but not everyone likes watching handsome guys, ahem that much, right? So MVs with ugly guys are always secured by pretty girls.

Third you must have fantastic MVs especially again the introduction before the song kicks in. But if you watched and noticed the last two MVs I posted, the introductions look rather similar as both also start with a girl catwalking into the scene with that killer heels (and the girl happens to be Hyuna too!). I think it is time for the K-pop producer to look up for new ideas.

Hence before the trend fades away and if it is within your reach, get yourself a K-poped weekend too!


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