Happy Day 6: Have Some Bedtime Talk

That is something special about the conversation we have with another person before we sleep.


Parents telling children bedtime story and kiss them good night before they switch off the lights, roommates chatting until both of them fall asleep, couples talking to each other on the bed at night, aren’t all these conversations we had at different stages in life special?

My mum used to tell me bedtime stories when I was small. Now whenever I share the same bed with her, she still talks to me until both of us are asleep. We have had good conversations.

My friend told me he likes to talk to his girlfriend every night. He felt those were the times when they could really communicate.

I suppose when we are about to sleep and all ready in our pyjamas, we are relaxed and vulnerable (because we would have removed all our ‘weapons’ at that time), and the people we meet during these hours are people closest to us, people whom we can trust and whom we care. The conversations we have are the most intimate and sincere ones.

We enjoy those moments don’t we?

Hence have some bedtime talk tonight.


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