Happy Day 4: Sleep

I love sleeping and I can sleep at almost anywhere.

I used to do a lot of outdoor camping during my school days. One of the things we needed to do was to take turn to patrol at night for security purpose. We always went in pairs. So that night it was my turn and I was scheduled to partner another girl for the duty. We walked and talked a lot of stuff, but at a certain point I was terribly sleepy I stopped walking and slept without noticing myself falling asleep, and the best part was I was standing.

Sleep is absolutely important to me. I will never sacrifice my sleep for drama marathon, exams, novels, long phone calls, Facebook whatsoever. I met a girl long time ago who loved to sleep and she told me this: there are only three important things in our lives – eat, pray and sleep.


Not even love.

Well she has got a point there. Imagine if you don’t have enough sleep, can you love? Chances are you feel so cranky, drained out and irritated, and those will certainly not make you a loving person.

Hence, sleep first, love later.

So I am going to sleep at latest 10.30pm sharp. With that I wish everyone a good night rest, sweet dreams and see you.


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