Happy Day 1: Retail Therapy

Believe it or not, it works!

I feel happier after I have bought something I like, I totally LOVE shopping!

I really don’t understand why girls like shopping, but this is honestly by far my favourite activity. The best thing is you can do it with a group or alone.

Just only today, I had a splendid shopping experience.

I went to Melvita at KLCC because I had been eyeing on its serum. I went there before because of curiosity, but I didn’t buy anything due to the products being rather high end. However I was very delighted by the friendly and cheerful customer service, and so happened I finished my night cream, hence it was the immediate brand that came to my mind. And again today the moment I stepped into the store I felt very welcomed by the sales person, and she even packed for me many packets of samples in the end.

I have been to counters or stores offering similar range of price, but never for once I was treated so importantly like this. So if you want to feel some good customer service, I would recommend you to pay a visit to this store.

Hence my conclusion is, shopping itself is a happy thing to do, and good customer service is the cherry on top.


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