Epic Music

I was suffering from flu and cough last few days. I felt the sickness and fatigue crushed me entirely that I was so defeated, until I played the Pirates of the Carribean theme song, ‘He’s a Pirate’. Instantly I felt I could kick the virus’ butt and claim my victory, like this,

Right, it felt just like how the knight in the shinning armour on a white horse slays the evil dragon!

Sometimes we need the music to boost our fighting spirit, against the virus, against wicked witches and serpents, against the forces of darkness and principalities (wow, I start to talk like the medieval warrior!). These are a few songs which I think very useful to wake the giant in us. Lo and behold, they can be extremely addictive too!

1. Nara by E. S. Posthumus

2. Here Comes the King by X-Ray Dog

3.  Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum) opening theme, this is super majestic!

4. Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell, this song is the song that we always hear in many movies but don’t know the name

5. Croatian Rhapsody by Maksim Mrvica

These songs come handy not only when you are in the same condition like me feeling sick, but the following situation as well:

1. when you are solving puzzles, like solving sudoku or Mensa questions

2. when you are studying for killer papers

3. when you are doing workouts

4. when you are cooking or eating, especially something big, these songs make you feel like you are in the Epic Meal Time

5. when you are late. Play these songs before you step into the office, meeting room or whichever occasion so that you feel you are like the emperor when everyone anticipates your grand entrance, imagine all of them bow before you and clamour ‘Hail King Arthur, Long Live the King’ if you wish to

You can play these songs whenever you want to feel more dignity, sovereign and spirit to conquer, or even when you just want to add the epic flavour to your daily routine, every simple thing you do will be massively amplified and magnificent!

ROAR!!! Let’s be EPIC!


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