I saw an article about the royal wedding of the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan and his stunning Queen Jetsun Pema in the Reader’s Digest February 2012 issue by Vicky Yeow, and the article says:

‘Once upon a time, a seven-year-old girl said to a 17-year-old young man she met, “Please take me away.” The young man, whose name was Jigme, replied to the little Jetsun, “When you grow up, if I am single and not married and if you are single and not married, I would like you to be my wife, provided we still feel the same.”

Fourteen years later, Jestun had grown into a beautiful, confident young woman and Jigme had become the King of Bhutan. He fulfilled his words by marrying her on October 13, 2011 and making her his queen.’

Furthermore the King said “It is great – you should try it yourself” after being asked how it felt to be married. He also ensured that the Queen would be his one and only one even though Bhutan allows polygamy.

I should have just walked to a dashing young gentleman and asked him boldly to take me away when I was seven, perhaps I would be a queen of a certain king by now, staying in the palace with my handsome king and making official visits to countries around the world as part of the job requirement which I don’t mind at all.

This is definitely a beautiful real life fairytale. I am secretly a fairytale freak to a great extend, because even though I have had dissapointment, I believe much in promises, magical moments and true love.

Happy marriage to the royal couple.

(I just realised I wrote about two weddings in a row, well there are just too many people getting married recently. *smile*)


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