Journey to Harvard

No I didn’t get a place to study in Harvard even though I wish very much I did, I could still listen to the lectures conducted in Harvard. Thanks to the people who posted the open lectures online and of course big thanks to my mum, the life-long learning advocate in the family, who recommended me this series of lectures on positive psychology by Dr TalBen-Shahar.

When Tal first started the class, there were only 8 students, 2 dropped out eventually. A year later, the number of students increased to about 300. Subsequently in the 3rd year he conducted the course he had 850 students enrolling, which made it the most popular course in the university at that time.

I just finished watching the first lecture. I am totally fascinated by certain examples and remarks he shared. One of them is an observation by John Carter, the Professor of Leadership Management of Harvard Business School that there are two things in the people who are extraordinarily successful among the MBA graduates, first is that they believe greatly in themselves, second is that they always ask questions, they are curious all the time.

I look forward to more lectures and being able to gain new perspective from watching them (hope that I am not too dumb to understand). If I come across anything interesting I would definitely share it here. You can also click here to watch the lecture.

Harvard here I come~


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