Valentine’s Day Story

I just read a true story today on Facebook posted by my friend:

“Get a lost phone

look through the contacts

dial to the person with the name “Darling”.

Me: Hey,I have got a lost phone here, I believed that it belongs to your gf, I get your contact by dialling “Darling” from the list, can you please ask her to come and collect later?

Him: Sorry,actually we are just friends. I will tell her later. Big Thanks!

Hhmm..I can imagine the story behind =)

The guy will never know that the girl named him as “Darling”,until today. The Valentine’s Day.”

Honestly, I cried reading this. Such a wonderful and bittersweet story. My friend who posted this told me the guy sounded excited after knowing the girl putting him as ‘darling’. I sincerely hope both them to be together.

What if my friend didn’t pick up the phone and call that guy? That guy might not know the girl’s feeling forever and the secret remains as secret. Good things always happen in life, but sometimes we might be too busy amplifying our problems and missing most of them. In the end we complain we are not blessed enough, we are not lucky enough, we are not fortunate enough.

I hope people would appreciate good things around them, especially good people, don’t start appreciating them when they leave you. Life is really too short for regrets.


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