Typical Gen Y

I heard from someone that a typical Malaysian Gen Y would have this following attributes:

1. Drives a Mvyi

Apparently it has been the best-selling car for years in this part of the world.

2. Uses an iPhone, or planning to upgrade to one

Of course now we have got more choices having the emergence of HTC and Samsung Android smartphones. Even now the good old Nokia has started its Nokia Lumia.

3. Has a DSLR

Suddenly photography becomes a very common hobby. A good camera comes handy and essential when you have got platform like Facebook, Youtube, blogs and so on to share your pictures and videos.

If you are not sure whether you are a typical Malaysian Gen Y, you can do a quick self-check:

If you have only ONE of these three attributes, work harder bro (or sis), you have got a long way to go…but don’t give up!

If you have TWO of these three attributes, you are on the right track to be the typical Malaysian Gen Y, keep moving!

If you have all THREE of them, congratulations! You are the typical Malaysian Gen Y, you are the most wanted friend of the typical Malaysian Gen Y wannabes, so keep it up!

Well if you have stuff better and more ‘chun’ than these three, for instance instead of driving a Mvyi, you drive a new Mvyi SE Extreme; instead of using a smartphone, you have different kinds of note, pad, tablet (I think pad and tablet are the same, hmm getting a bit confused over here), and so on and so forth; instead of having only the DSLR camera, you have many of its different lenses, you are the ROLE MODEL of every single Gen Y, everyone looks up to you, everyone thinks that you are effortlessly cool and awesome! You are the Malaysian Gen Y 2.0!

And the last group of the people, you are simply the most hopeless bunch of all. You don’t have any of these three attributes and you don’t think it is wrong. You don’t plan to improve yourself either. You don’t care whether people think that you are ‘boring’, ‘old-fashioned’, or even ‘obsolete’. Unfortunately, yours truly belong to this category.

At least I still have Facebook, I know who nigahiga, Michelle Phan and Namewee are, I still blog and write about Gen Y as if I have a clue.

Not too bad not too bad…


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