Someone Just Did This to Me

Ann just dedicated a tumblr post to me!!

Ann is a very good friend of mine, we could talk about almost anything under the sun. This afternoon she sent me a message asking me to check out her tumblr post at around 9pm today, and knowing that I love Totoro she dedicated a picture of Totoro to me!

How very sweet she is!

Please pay her a visit at I always admire her drawings.

(If you are wondering, Totoro is a Japanese animation character, a cat-like creature which only can be seen by people with pure heart.)

I have got quite a few Totoroes, I didn’t buy myself any though, my collection is all given by others.

These are the Totoroes who share my bed.

This is a Totoro clay ocarina from Taiwan. My friend went there and got me this.

I just love these Totoroes, but above all I love people who gave me these. It is the thought that counts.

Maybe one fine day I should dedicate a blog post to someone, just like what Ann did to me. (wink!)


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