Online Business

Many students benefited from the government’s initiative under the 2012 budget by receiving the one-off payment of book voucher RM200. However there are students who sell them online with discount. Here is the news.

That reflects certain level of mentality of these students. First, they are ‘business minded’, but that also means that these students don’t value book vouchers that much. RM200 can buy lots of books! Maybe they really need the money to buy them meals, maybe they really need that money to pay their rent, maybe with that money they could get a new iPhone, maybe they just don’t need books, or maybe they just don’t read.

I am baffled. I would not know the reason behind, but if I were to be one of them, I would go straight to the book store and get myself books. Perhaps I am not thinking out of the box. I should be ‘smarter’ and see it as a money-making opportunity, but if this is just for instant gratification, I doubt the selling of the voucher is a more intelligent way.

By the way, I heard that the government monthly allowance for OKU school children (my youngest brother is registered as OKU) was not given in November and December last year. I wonder where the money has gone, maybe to the RM260 million book vouchers, or some untraceable government projects (since the OKU school children can’t vote, after all).

I am just saying.


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