and Their Glory is in Their Shame…

‘Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things’ Philippians 3: 19

I feel burdened to share about an encounter with a girl. This did not happen recently and I hesitated to write about it, but this has slowly become my concern.
She is a young lady with a class of her own, waist length hair, fair complexion, long slender legs, and she speaks with an insouciant and casual manner. She does not look like other young girls, she has that extra aura which draws people closer to her. She gave me a very positive first impression due to her uniquely attractive appearance.
However all good impression dissolved as soon as she started talking. It was an official occasion, she was at that time talking to two people and I was there to join them without participating in that conversation. She dominated the conversation, and she boasted about her visiting strip clubs in almost all the European countries.
I started thinking, what is that to boast about? Is frequenting strip clubs and having seen many strippers’ groin something to be very proud of?
Another issue that concerns me is the values embraced by my generation. It is awesome to be a party animal, because that means you are wild and free; it is cool to swear and curse, because that means you dare to express your emotion…so everyone starts to get wild, lose control, get really wasted and lose consciousness…vision becomes blurry and conscience becomes weak…
Can we stop glorifying our shameful behaviour?

3 thoughts on “and Their Glory is in Their Shame…

  1. I agree with you. I feel that people nowadays are more interested in following trends and making themselves look cool. They seldom stop to ask themselves, why am I doing this? Is this really what I want to do? It is a pity…


  2. true, too much influence from the media…the music videos and songs nowadays somehow set the 'ideal' lifestyle…partying, drinking, smoking hot girls, erotic scenes…we can't completely avoid them, but we can choose not to be influenced so much…btw, Merry Christmas…


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