Spoke to a friend and she revealed to me she had very low self-esteem especially about her looks. I was shocked because she always looked stunning and gorgeous, however I believed that what she told me was true from her heart.

Many girls suffer from low self-esteem. Even though now women have more rights and it is not surprising to see more women than men in the corporate world, the deep sense of inferiority is still there. It could be the expectation towards how women should behave and look like, and we always feel that we are so far away from the ‘ideal’. I still remember watching a movie about King Henry VIII and there was a scene that he asked his fifth wive Kathryn Howard what her hobbies were, she looked at him with her innocent eyes and said playing cards and praying, after hearing that he was very pleased, but little did he know the flirtatious queen was cheating behind him with many handsome and younger guys.
I had very low self-esteem. I used to think that I looked ugly, I was not curvy enough, I was not smart and the list went on and on. I could still recall when I was in secondary school during the girl guide and boy scout joint gathering, girls were asked by the boys to dance, I was never one of them. I could only watch each of them leaving their seats with their partners and hope that, someone special, perhaps the most handsome of all who appreciated beauty of the heart more than a mere pretty face, would come to me, but it never happened.
As I grow older, I slowly build my confidence bit by bit, however sometimes it is still shattered into pieces by hurtful memories and troubling thoughts. The same old fears surface, the fear of being singled out, the fear of loneliness, the fear of sweet dreams that never come true. Some people might look at me and say, hey you look alright, you are still young, you know how foolish you are to think like that, you know how many people are worse than you. Most of the time all these are just nonsense to me, they are not relevant to me because I would think no human knows me better than myself and they have never gone through the experience I have.
We have issues with self-esteem, so when a girl comes and tells you she feels bad about her looks and body, please don’t deny her worries, reassure her that she is pretty and she has qualities that others don’t possess. We as girls who suffer from constant low self-esteem must always remind ourselves, when God made us He thought that we were good, gently let go those bad feelings and look at ourselves in the mirror through God’s eyes, you realize that you are so much more beautiful than you think you are.

2 thoughts on “Self-esteem

  1. It is rather surprising how many girls have low self-esteem. I guess we always find other people better than us. I also had a period when I had really low self-esteem, but thankfully I have come around and accept myself more now. Though I still have to remind myself sometimes that I have my own qualities.


  2. hey WP, thanks for dropping by…me too…but we are definitely stronger after we have gone through the torments we gave ourselves…


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