A Bizarre Story

I must tell this story I heard yesterday from the church:

There was a kind hearted Christian guy who volunteered in the old folks home. He was in charge of taking care of three old men, who were always complaining and grumpy. They loved to complain about anything under the sun, from the weather to not being loved. This guy was patient enough to still comfort them and continue staying at the old folks home.
Everyone has bad days, and that day happened to be his. When the three old men started complaining as usual, he was so agitated and he shouted to all three of them, “In Jesus’ name, SHUT UP!” All three of them stopped complaining instantly.
Something bizarre happened, all three old men died within the following 24 hours.
This guy was shocked, even though it was not him who killed them, he felt he “contributed” to it. So he asked a pastor about it, and the pastor told him it was because these three men were so filled with the spirit of complaining, when he casted out the spirit from them, they were actually empty. Hence there was nothing else in their bodies, that was why they died after that.
Emotions are powerful. If we do not know how to control them, we will be filled with them, and lose ourselves.
Stop complaining, stop complaining, stop complaining.

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