If you watched Digimon 3 you would know there is this theme song that starts like this “Wanna be the biggest dreamer…” Believe it or not, this line still sticks in my mind until now since I first heard it 8 years ago.

Nowadays we are bombarded by so many self-help materials that persuade us to dream boldly, they even go to the extend to provide proper steps to dream “correctly” so that we could make our dreams come true, and positive thinking always comes into the picture.
I would have to admit that I am a great believer in positive thinking and dreaming. I always think not having a dream is extremely sad. I have crazy dreams since young. I dreamed of marrying a handsome and rich prince, I dreamed of having the special ability to talk to the animals, I dreamed of building a castle, I dreamed of staying in a room full of balloons and sweets and chocolates. Little did I know all these dreams were the products of Disney cartoons.
Disney itself was a dream come true. However being a dreamer alone doesn’t bring it to success. The article The Wonder World of Disney which was published on The Star yesterday revealed Walt Disney’s secret of the three chairs: the dreamer, the realist and the spoiler. The dreamer is to dream the wildest and craziest ideas, the realist is to define practical plans, and the spoiler is to question and identify potential problems. Walt Disney’s success was not just because he dared to dream, but he dared to take different perspective towards his vision, even to criticize it himself.
Another interesting research quoted in Richard Wiseman’s 59 seconds (I am still reading it, haven’t finished reading yet) shows that actually positive thinking doesn’t work! It helps in making people feeling better, but not achieving goals. Instead, doublethink is the key, which is basically the state of mind involving people being optimistic about achieving their goals but also realistic about problems they may encounter.
God made us two sides of brain, the right brain is for us to dream (梦), the left brain is for us to think(想), that is why in Chinese ambition is dream and thought (梦想). Be ambitious and courageous to dream, to plan, to act and last but not least, to pray in the name of the Lord.

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  1. hey WP, glad to meet you here, just watched the video…tells a lot about visualizing and acting on it…thanks for visiting…


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