Food lover

I have never been a food lover.

The heaviest weight I had was only 48kg, but being only 153cm tall, I looked really bloated. Since then I changed my eating habit and now I cannot eat much, and the most drastic change is, I do not love food as much as how I used to.

However the paradox is, I am surrounded by food lovers. Some are so amazing that they could remember the food they took, even the dish they took 5 10 years ago. I can’t even remember what I ate for lunch this afternoon. I am kind of fortunate to have these food lovers to bring me around for food, but in the end when they ask how the food is, “hmm, ok loh, not bad ah,” that is my usual answer.

I know this is really really bad, it is just like how when I recommend a book to someone and the person answers me in a very indifferent manner. But I just don’t have the passion for food like many do. I think it is because I don’t like taking oily and fried food, that limits my choice to only a few.

One of the toughest questions to me is : “What do you want to eat?”

And my answer would always be the one I hate the most: “I don’t know.”, or even worse : “Whatever.”

Sarcastic ones would say, “I never heard of a restaurant by the name of ‘I don’t know’ or ‘whatever’.” More understanding ones would give me two options and force me to choose either one, the rest would just give up asking and make the decision themselves.

I have terrible memory for food. Some to me taste the same no matter how it is raved. But don’t get me wrong, I won’t say ‘no’ to food, it is just that I enjoy the conversation while having meals more than I enjoy the food itself. So take me out for good food, but please don’t look at me strangely when I say “I don’t know what I want to eat…”…


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